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Hey y'all, it's been a loooong time since I've been on here, hope you are all well!

This journal mainly goes out to anyone that has a keen interest in the WipEout franchise, so if you're a WipEout enthusiast, fan (like I am), etc. then you may be interested to know that a while ago I began obtaining media from various websites like wallpapers, screensavers, etc. for the sole purpose of archiving the content (to prevent it being lost) onto my MediaFire account so that it can be accessed practically anywhere. Examples of much needed archival are wallpapers from the WipEout Fusion official website that was took down years ago and only managed to get most of the highest resolution wallpapers provided from the archived website.

I have now recently decided to allow public uploads to the "WipEout stuff" area on my account in the folder named the "Public archive", so basically if you have any WipEout related stuff that you want to upload and share (so long as it don't use up a very massive amount of memory) - you can upload them to the "Public archive" if you want to.
If you do want to upload to the "Public archive":

    - You can:
        * upload as many files as you want that must be WipEout related;
        * upload images that are within the upload limit of 25 MB per file and do not exceed 20000x14200 pixels; and
        * upload files of any other type that are within the upload limit of 200 MB per file
    - You cannot:
        * upload any files that are NOT WipEout related;
        * upload any images that exceed 25 MB per file and/or exceed 20000x14200 pixels;
        * upload any files of any other type that exceed 200 MB;
        * upload ay malicious content such as ZIP files containing trojans; and
        * modify or remove any of the files contained within the "WipEout stuff"

Any files within the "Public archive" will be checked from time to time, and possibly sorted into folders within the "WipEout stuff" to prevent congestion in one folder.
Be aware that if any content is found that does not meet the terms given above, that content shall be removed.

You can access the "WipEout stuff" here, or upload content to the "Public archive" here.

If you have accidentally uploaded content, wish to know where your content is placed within the "WipEout stuff", etc., please send me a note to my deviantART, leave a comment on this journal post, or send a tweet to me on my Twitter.

Thank you! :)

* UPDATE - 21st March 2014 *
Have now uploaded some very high quality WipEout 2048 artwork found amongest my backed up stuff on my computer that I found on the interwebs a while ago.
You can find them in the "Artwork" > "WipEout 2048" folder within the "WipEout stuff", or you can just go here to get to the folder immediately.
If you have any high quality (if not any quality) artwork, wallpapers, etc. for WipEout 2048 or any other WipEout game, don't forget you can upload them onto the "Public archive" and help build it, it's much appreciated if you can. Also, if you have any suggestions, queries etc., leave a comment, send me a note, or send me a tweet.

* Updates placeholder - future notable updates to the "WipEout stuff" will go here! *
Hello fellow deviants, long time no see.

As some of you may have noticed, I have not really posted many deviations lately, this is because of many situations currently occuring in my personal life that's taking a stranglehold on me - mainly it's due to the lack of ideas and sorry to say this... but been feeling very depressed with how things have been going lately, I won't go into details but I can say that it seems that nothing is going right.
I may continue to post some deviations in the future once things have been sorted out (maybe even sooner, it's just the fact of getting my creative side back and feeling better, but sadly I do doubt it), although I do still check my deviantART from time to time (give or take every week or so), so if anyone has any ideas or requests, please feel free to drop a note or comment on this post and I may see to it depending on if I can do it.

Now some of you may have noticed that I recently took down the WipEout® FEISAR fan wallpapers for the desktop and the PlayStation® Vita™ and you may be asking why I did, if you do not know anything about this or are not interested, you don't have to continue reading this section.
Anyway, the reason why is because some certain issues had occured that I cannot and will not discuss, but I will say that I felt it was best for the people involved that they were taken down and I am sorry for those of you who favourited, downloaded etc. them.

That's all I've got to say for now so until next time, see ya.

- Graham


DarkShdw91's Profile Picture
Graham Bliss
United Kingdom
I'm a friendly and helpful guy and can get along with practically anyone as long as they treat me the same. I'm also a gamer and like to play anything that's mainly racing, retro, fighting, RPG's, Sonic games, action, adventure, some shooters, some FPS', and arcade. I also sometimes like to be practical and create mainly desktop software which is what I am currently aiming for as a career as well as website design/development, a bit of digital editing (image, video and audio) and rarely do photography. When it comes to computer/technical stuff, I just seem to know what to do most of the time even from an early age and as such have an interest in it. I am often called upon to help people and sometimes they question how I know these things, and I just say that I just know and seems like 2nd nature to me, guess I just have a knack for it, the same as I seem to know my way around familiar editing tools and such.

Stuff I post here every now and then mainly consists of theme packs, wallpapers (usually edits of source material), icons, cursors, etc., basically what you can use to customise your computer and other stuff to its extent. But am mainly here to admire artwork, cosplays and such.

Anything else you wanna know about me, just ask! :)

You can also visit me on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.



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